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EURO 2012 - Kiev (Distance to other EURO 2012 host-cities)

   Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, the country's largest metropolis, situated on both banks of the river Dnieper. It is one of the oldest and the most beautiful cities in Europe. The capital is a leading business, political, scientific and cultural center of Ukraine. Also it is acknowledge as one of the most green cities in the world. Many buildings in Kiev bear status of architectural monuments of world importance.

   The city, whose history dates more than 1,500 years, was named in honor of Kiy – the eldest of the brothers, who according to legend are the founders of Kiev. Another legend says that the name of the city was givenafter its first residents Kiyan, the so-called workers who served at the crossing point on the river Dnieper.

Distance to other EURO 2012 host-cities:
Kharkov – 480 km
Lviv – 540 km
Donetsk – ...

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